Digital Collage

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For an art challenge. "The Missive" The prompts were: postage items, fringe, pastel colours, splash of sparkle/bling, and wings. Elements from Itkupilli and Finecrafted with a Flypaper Texture

For an art challenge. The prompts were: SOMETHING IN WOOL, SOMETHING WITH ROSES, COLOUR YELLOW, A STAR OR STARS, and FLOURISHES (elements from Itkupilli's Imagearium).
"Magical Kingdom"

For an art challenge. The gentleman was provided to the group by an artist in the group. I used elements from Itkupili and brandiebutcherisley (the skirt and feet) along with one of my crow paintings (crow painting printed on a Citra Solve abstract that I scanned in and then digitally cut out for this digital collage). I cut the hand and goggles out two of my previous digitals. I hope this is not too creepy for some of you. 🙂
I felt the gentleman had a steampunk feel to him and he seemed so serious, maybe a tad bereaved. That was the inspiration.
"Beyond Beloved"

 For a Steampunk ATC swap. Most of the elements from my own collection.

 I got many of the elements from Itkupilli. 

Most of the elements from my own collection.